Hello there! My name is Robert and I appreciate you joining me on this quest to learn more about the stock market, trading, and now blogging. First a little bit about me, I just recently left corporate life where I worked as a Senior Vice President for one of the world’s largest banks. I worked there for 15 years and climbed the corporate ladder. I was very successful and considered my employment and income very stable. Well that came to an end when a reorganization left me unemployed. I consider myself pretty financially savvy obviously due to my career. I know about budgeting, credit, home ownership, loans, checking and savings accounts, as well as some investing I have done through my 401k and some stock market investing I have done over the years. The stock market has always intrigued me and I read books, watched videos, even joined webinars on investing and trading. I met and talked to folks who have made trading options, stocks, futures etc. a full time job and earned their living from it! I was pumped to find out more and how I can do this as well, and since I am on a fairly long paid vacation…(due to signed NDAs I can’t share the details…) have to love corporate America lol. I now have time and money to pursue this dream and the Trader’s Tale was born!

Follow me on this multifaceted journey to not just become a consistently profitable trader, but to master my own emotions such as fear, greed, and the excitement of risking my own money and sharing the entire journey online for the world to see! I hope to also help other new traders learn from my mistakes and successes along the way! Because I truly believe that anyone can have financial success given the right tools, discipline and practice. Let’s do it!